Happy National Pomegranate Month!

Also sweet potato awareness month, National Novel Writing, and of course, No Shave November.

Yay, June! People say. Yay, it’s October! No one cares when it’s November however. In fact, they hate it.

What’s wrong with November? More importantly, why is it such a wonky month? It just feels weird. Could it be the changing weather? The fact that in most parts of the US everything is dead but there’s no snow?

Of course a very important Holiday happens during November: Thanksgiving. It’s very important and Southern Boulevard has plenty of nice posts coming up about Thanksgiving. But it’s on the 27th, so it’s basically a December Holiday. December is wonderful. November? Not so much.

First off, here are some of the holidays celebrated in November:

National Novel Writing Month

No Shave November

Holy Souls in Purgatory (Roman Catholic Church)

National Blog Posting Month (no comment)

Sweet Potato Awareness Month

National Pomegranate Month in the United States

Also, the heinous “Black Friday” which disgusts me so much I will not even have a funny post on it.

It looks like people are kind of making up holidays for November.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the above holidays:

National Novel Writing Month: A pretty cool idea but most people can’t do it unless they’re, you know, institutionalized

No Shave November: A cool fundraiser and a used among college age males to freak out one’s mom.

Holy Souls in Purgatory: C’mon guys. I mean, c’mon. I respect it, but that’s a little much for November.

National Blog Awareness Month: That should not be a holiday. People posting random things on the internet should not be a full month. Maybe a week in November? It says “Blog Awareness.” Does that mean I’m supposed to make you aware of this blog with flyers around town, T-shirts, henna tattoos, and skywriting? That would be cool I guess.

Sweet Potato Awareness Month: I’d like to take a moment to thank sweet potatoes for everything they’ve done for me.

National Pomegranate Month in the United States: Now here’s one we can get excited about. Make sure to get some antioxidants and eat a pomegranate today. If you don’t have a chance to buy a pomegranate, see if you can find a vending machine with those fruit-flavored waters. They usually have pomegranate. That’s the 21st century way. Also remember that this is an all-month holiday, which means you have plenty of days to celebrate pomegranates. Happy National Pomegranate Month!


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