Character Guide

Rubian Trust is a SORS, or Stalking and/or Recoinassance Specialist. Orphaned at a young age, he was trained in high-level hand-to-hand combat by the government to hunt people who break laws. He’s independent but has a straightforward way of thinking which endangers him when those around him begin to reveal their true loyalties. In Pursuit, he comes to question everything he has ever known.






Chief is Rubian’s cigar-loving boss. A sort of father figure to Rubian, Chief is obeyed by the city’s disciplined Secret Police. Rubian admires him and has done anything he says without question – until the events of Pursuit begin to unfold. Much more cunning and ruthless than he first appears, Chief has been through many a vicious fight.20140331-122336.jpg





Uncle Nestor is Rubian’s only surviving family member. Fond of the ladies, Nestor has never been the same since a mysterious hover car crash which claimed the life of Rubian’s father, mother, and others. Analytical and crafty, Nestor is hiding a terrible secret from Rubian.


Hazel Ye is a charming classmate of Rubian’s at the Immersion Chambers. She has an internship at The Ministry of Propaganda, a satellite in the lower part of the atmosphere. When rebels attempt to take over the station, her loyalties come into question. And not in the way Rubian would have expected.






Cassidy is an outspoken member of the rebel organization “The Renaissance” who suggests Rubian follow her. Originally she would be a target for arrest, but Rubian begins to trust her the more he questions Chief and everything he has stood for in the past.





Sidhartha Powell is Rubian’s closest friend at the Immersion Chambers. He’s always wanted to join in Rubian’s secret work, but when he finds himself caught up in Pursuit, gets a little more than he bargained for.







Malcolm is the the mysterious leader of the Renaissance. Blinded by torture at the hands of the Secret Police, he is equipped with a mechanical eye. His wisdom and calm under pressure gains him many followers, but he lacks the tenacity of the Secret Police.











BRUTES serve the Secret Police as a SWAT team. Trained from a young age like SORS members, the BRUTES are genetically enhanced, male-only military unit that will ruthlessly crush any uprising. They control the population with riot gear, water cannons, and a variety of helicopters.

The Renaissance threaten to topple the Secret Police and their regime. Standing for the old methods of education and against the media-immersion tactics of the Secret Police, they prove just as brutal as the BRUTES in their quest for power. They often clash with Malcolm, as he prefers a more peaceful method.


At some point, Southern Boulevard hopes to complete Pursuit: Part III, and begin Rubian Trust: Bounty, a sequel featuring convict and gangster Zon Promelescu. But that’s all for now.


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