College Cookbook – Undergrad edition

Since much of the time the undergraduate student does not have access to their own kitchen (though this is not always the case) Southern Boulevard has provided them some handy recipes sure to make any college meal a real hit with their friends!

college_cookbook_headerPopcorn for Two – (Prep time: 2.5 minutes)

  1. Put popcorn bag in microwave. Make sure popcorn bag is facing right way.
  2. Pop. Serve straight from bag for fresh taste.

Twizzlers for 45  – This is always a crowd pleaser! (Prep time: Approximately 15 minutes, good for about 2-5 days)

  1. Purchase bag of Twizzlers at CVS.
  2. Open and leave on roommate’s desk
  3. When floormates enter/leave room, simply make eye contact, glance at Twizzler bag, shoot them a knowing smile, and continue conversation, allowing them to grab 2 – 3 Twizzlers as if nothing happened
  4. Presentation wise, it helps to place Twizzlers under a desk lamp to give some mood lighting.

Care Package for Roommate – (Prep time: 25 minutes)

  1. Get care package from mail room.
  2. Leave open down next to radiator.
  3. When you come back, roommate will have consumed 1/3 of care package contents.

Friday Night Feast for Five – It’s a blustery winter night and you’re hosting a social gathering in your dorm room. Rather than leave the cozy dormitory, you and your friends decide to eat in. Look no further than this tasty recipe! (Prep time: Between 30 minutes and 3 hours)

  1. Either walk to DP Dough/Domino’s Pizza or call in a delivery.
  2. Make sure to collect money from everybody and/or the necessary compensation, such as a medium-strength promise to pay you back
  3. Procure food.
  4. Serve with paper towels and any stray water bottles/Gatorades you might have lying around. Better yet, have guests purchase their own drinks at 7-11! We recommend Arizona iced tea!
  5. Enjoy!

college_cookbook_sixLuncheon for Six – It’s been a long day and you and your friends could use a tasty meal. Look no further than this recipe! (Prep time: 45 minutes)

  1. Walk to dining hall.
  2. Hand dining hall swiper your card. Use flex pass for any visiting friend.
  3. Take a plate and collect whatever food you desire from the dining hall’s serving area.
  4. Sit down with your friends and enjoy!

Snack for Seven – This is best served room temperature. (Prep Time: However long it takes to walk to 7 – 11 plus 30 seconds to open and display bags)

  1. Walk to 7 – 11
  2. Purchase a giant bag of cool ranch Doritos and a large bag of pretzel sticks
  3. Return to dorm. Serve.

Dinner for Two – You and that special someone are looking for a romantic evening. This tasty recipe sure suits the occasion! (Prep time: Depends on your social skills)

  1. Walk to establishment serving food at a manageable price with a decent atmosphere
  2. Have meal/date
  3. Generally pay for special someone, unless that special someone is actually mobster Art Gamboni in disguise

Ramen for One – This is a collegiate classic and takes only a bit of cooking experience. (Prep time: 60 seconds)

  1. Using the microwave, prepare a cup of Ramen.
  2. Eat using either chopsticks or a stolen dining hall fork.

Cookies for Several – Are there several people in your dorm room? Looking to get to know them? Are you thinking of running to price chopper? (Prep Time: however long it takes to walk to Price Chopper and back)

  1. Go to Price Chopper
  2. Buy cookie package
  3. Place on desk with several people in room. Mention that you “just ran to Price Chopper.” Say no more.

Late for Class Snack – If you just woke up late and need to eat something before going to class 15 minutes across campus, don’t worry! This energy boost will get you through to lunchtime. (Prep time: 20 seconds)

  1. Take two fun-sized snickers from Halloween items on desk
  2. Eat while putting on shoes and resetting alarm clock’s volume
  3. Try to forget this is happening

Popcorn Scent for 360 – Would you like to bring the soothing aroma of popcorn to your entire dorm building? Here’s the recipe for you. This one is best served between 12 and 2 am. (Prep time: 6 minutes)

  1. Put popcorn in microwave and just hit a button. Any button.
  2. Has it been at least two minutes of the popcorn popping? Make sure all the kernels are popped before you leave the room.
  3. Go down the hall and start an argument with someone over a Halloween paper chain blocking your door just for fun.
  4. Once popcorn burns, entire building will be able to smell it. Take popcorn into staircase and throw bag onto landing below, allowing charred bits to scatter everywhere. This way the fire department will not think it was you!
  5. Fire alarm will have awakened the bottom four floors of your dorm at this point. Go outside and wait for fire department to turn alarm off.
  6. Enjoy!
  7. This alternately can be prepared with pop tarts.



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