Pros and Cons of Video Chat

Hello Friends! Anyone up for a Skype/Facetime?

How about the Pros and Cons of said Skype/Facetime in an annoying little list?

Well, that’s what you’re getting.


1. You can have several people converse together over long distances

2. Family members or friends working/traveling to distant places can still see each other and one another’s surroundings

3. Used in movies to make the audience feel good about the characters and how compassionate they clearly are

4. Can be done on a wide variety of devices


1. Have names like “Skype” and “Facetime”

2. Some members of the Skype squad can be typing things to other members via other means of communication of which others are unaware

3. Ghosts can hack into your Skype call and cause you to all die off one by one while giving bad performances, as in the movie Unfriended.

4. Occasionally your sweet grandmother’s face becomes a pixelated nightmare when the connection gets funky

5. Ghosts can cause your friends’ screen to freeze, leaving you in suspense as to their cause of death

6. If someone else enters the room who is not aware of the call going on, they suddenly feel like Winston in 1984, and usually end up crouching between the bed and the wall writing in a little diary

7. Volume can be a problem

8. Sometimes you can hear someone but not see them, or see them but not hear them. This often alternates before the whole party decides email would be better

9. If grandparents come in contact with this technology, they make as many “Big Brother” comments as possible, or say things like, “It’s so strange seeing you all this way…like talking to someone on Mars or some God-awful thing. For heaven’s sake”

10. Younger siblings like to peer at screen upside down, as part of their younger-sibling contract

11. Pets probably disoriented by this. I mean, they know you love staring at screens. But talking to a screen? Something’s not right here.


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