How did Scott End Up Here?

Scott is standing in the middle of a field five miles from the edge of his hometown. It is 5:00 pm on a Tuesday, according to his watch. He’s wearing sneakers, jeans and a T-shirt, as he was at 5:00 pm on Monday. He does not have a phone or wallet.

The question is a simple one: how did Scott end up here?young man walking on field

1. As part of a government teleporting experiment, Scott was randomly “buzzed,” as FBI technician Amal likes to call it, from his front yard, where he was getting the mail after a long day at his hip job, to Puerto Rico. Scott was picked up by a team of Army Rangers on a training exercise, taken to a CIA black site, sedated, and teleported back as close to his hometown as possible. Amal screwed up some calculations due to caffeine jitters and thus Scott is here. In a few minutes Scott will stagger past a shopfront and realize his nose is still in Puerto Rico.

2. At 5:00 pm on Monday, Scott found a strange envelope in his mailbox. Inside he discovered a seventeen-page guide to inter-dimensional travel. Scott assembled the necessary items on his counter, followed the steps required to enter the fourth dimension, and would have remained trapped in the 4th dimension forever had his perplexed wife not moved the dice onto the high school yearbook and turned the Sorry board over on top of the hot sauce bottle.

3. Scott is associated with the infamous Art Gamboni. No further explanation required.

4. Thanks to a near-lethal dose of Monster energy drinks and Red Bull Monday night, Scott is just now collecting himself

5. Art Gamboni knew Scott was the man for the job. But he’d have to erase his memory afterwards. No one but Art Gamboni could truly know the secret of Harp’s cove.

6. Scott sleepwalks something fierce

7. Scott knows why he’s here, something he really shouldn’t tell you

8. Scott sighs, sits down, and counts the jet trails. What else is there to do when you’re lost?

9. Scott’s half-brother Rohan just played his last practical joke

10. There was a bonfire in this field Saturday night. Scott does not read invitations well. As he strolls over to the ashy pit with sand tossed over it, his shoulders sag. Scott, Scott, Scott, he thinks. When will you learn.

11. Scott remembers a three-foot-tall green man with pincers quieting him and sliding a breathing mask over his mouth and nose. Everything else is hazy, like a dream.

12. Scott is only now realizing the true extent of his powers

13. Scott realizes that he has always belonged in this field, and nowhere else. He will later buy the property and build a house there after selling his apartment.

14. Don’t do drugs, kids

15. He sighed and began the long walk home. It seemed that Scott’s attempt to find Neverland had failed.


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