What does your Halloween Costume Say about You?

Ghost – Straightforward, trustworthy, a little shy. Not terribly creative, but you make up for it by being observant, disciplined, and dependable

Hideous mask, plain clothes – You feel the need to hide your hideous personality under a hideous mask. The plain clothes are meant to add an artistic sense of “This monster could actually exist,” because in your mind if something wears jeans it exists. To put it simply, you’re probably not my kind of person, but I respect you as a fellow human/ghoul thing

Skimpy outfit – Uh, it’s late October at night, so unless we’re in Florida, you’re sending a lot of messages to a lot of people. There’s nothing wrong with that, just know that you are sending messages. Also you may be a plant capable of producing your body’s energy, or a lizard who absorbed it all earlier that morning

No Costume – There’s more to you than meets the eye. Everyone’s a little hard on the guy who goes as himself. Here’s the thing: this guy knows that the real monsters are humans, and we’ve been hiding in plain sight all along.

Spiderman – You’re a little kid who will someday be the coolest guy in his entire middle school. And then it will all end. Very, very abruptly. Makes a good Throwback Thursday on Twitter though

Obscure Literary (Fantasy) Character – Yeesh. You’re probably not going trick-or-treating with a large group of friends

Obscure Science Fiction TV Show Character – Yeesh. You’re probably going trick-or-treating with a large group of friends exactly like you. Try not to overanalyze Trick-or-treating too much

Something with cardboard – You’re a creative child at a young age. If you’re a robot or something, you’re a child at a young age.

Black cloak and robe – This costume was once worn by the proprietor of Southern Boulevard for the sole purpose of scaring people. He stood at the fringe of the darkness and disappeared once people shrieked/pointed. He’s kind of an Obscure Literary Character or No Costume Guy, so this was very exciting at the time. He was a pirate, Harry Potter, a Native American, and a train engineer in his early career, so don’t worry

Darth Vader – You’re a private person, and like to wear a mask that is not hideous/poorly made. You’re also willing to withstand an incredibly uncomfortable trick-or-treating experience, and probably know a lot of lightsaber moves. You’re willing to do choke-hands and a Vader breathing impression several times per hour

Ninja turtle – Coolest guy in the fifth grade

Star Wars – Please go home

Twilight – I’m calling the police


2 thoughts on “What does your Halloween Costume Say about You?

  1. In college I went to a frat Halloween party as a bunny…

    A fully covered from head to toe in a white sweat-suit with a homemade pink yarn tail kind of bunny.

    I had more unsolicited attention. .. I stayed a whole hour then hopped my covered bunny butt out of there.

    So my advice to the ladies who I’m assuming didn’t get enough attention from their dad’s so feel the deep need for male attention. .. go fully covered…

    … you’ll be mysterious!


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