Southern Boulevard’s One Year Anniversary

fireworks animated GIF
This is meant to be a firework
Happy Anniversary!

On September 27, 2014, I started Southern Boulevard. So the anniversary was two days ago.

Holden Caulfield because I was a real phony at the time, if you want to know the truth

That Catcher in the Rye pic is the first post ever. I used it for a lot of art school portfolios.

While it seemed unnatural at first, I started to get a feel for posting random jokes and cartoons and waiting to see if strangers responded to them. I also directed friends, teachers, and lots of family members to the site and I’ll keep doing it. I didn’t consider it a blog. I viewed it more as an art portfolio/online comic. That hasn’t changed much, but over time I wrote pieces that are more personal and based on real-life experiences to make humor connect for people.

One night in early August I typed this up, kind of like making a time capsule. I’m in college while this posts itself, roughly two months later. My favorite WordPress feature by far – scheduled posts. Also being able to change the text color of links, but I’d never admit that to you in person.

Enough from me. Here’s some Southern Boulevard classics, in no particular order:

justin bieber evolution

Why the Olympic Ring Didn’t Open at Sochi:

sochi opening


Your Social Media Social Circle: 

social media social circleall dressed up 1

The first four were chosen by highest views, and they were popular with the Like button as well. The last one is a personal favorite. I also like the last ten posts or so, they’ve taken on a new form of snark.

It’s been a fun year. Beginning as a portfolio, continuing with the first two parts of a Rubian Trust comic, and now settling on a blog of humorousness, it’s been an interesting but short walk around the block. There’s no telling if it will continue or not. Thanks to any other blog-folk who gave the site a look, I appreciate it. This winter you will see more from Southern Boulevard, including GIFs and cheesy articles, and I’ll schedule a post a week for the spring as well. It will probably be different from before, but always cheesy and sarcastic. Thanks for your time!napoleon dynamite animated GIF

                                            – Southern Boulevard


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