The Pros and Cons of Southern Boulevard

Southern Boulevard, as you may have noticed, is pretty awesome. But like all awesome websites, is the awesomeness limited to the front page? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out.



1. Southern Boulevard mixes both stock photos, stolen photos, and actual cartoons and digital artwork by the owner, thus saving him time and making strangers think this is a professional site

2. The articles tend to focus on events many people can relate to, and some French

3. Southern Boulevard does not post anything offensive, except for the above Pro, and keeps violence, suggestive content, and profanity to a minimum

4. It updates by email to your inbox every Monday and sometimes more if you subscribe in the box at the bottom right of your screen

5. It provides links and featured content in a consistent, striking visual layout


1. Southern Boulevard is constantly trying to get you to subscribe

2. A lot of the articles sound like they’re written by a 60-yr-old British guy

3. The stock photos are usually pretty lame

4. There are links in every. Single. Article. To. Other. Parts. Of. The. Site. As. If. You. Would. Want. To. Spend. More. Time. Here.

5. The “GAME PLANS” sound like the rantings of a socially inept foreign exchange student trying to wrap his mind around the human race

6. The “Field Guides” are generally not mean enough when compared to most people’s real life experiences

7. Movies reviewed in “50 Words” are just plain terrible movies, why would someone even bother to review them

8. Southern Boulevard allows little interaction, as opposed to being a fun app or game

Got any Pros and Cons to share? Comment below. Southern Boulevard is always looking to get better. Even better, that is.


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